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[2007- ] Disability and Rehabilitation of the victims of Japanese Encephalitis in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Problem Scenario

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a killer disease. It has taken more than ten thousand lives and severely affected more than a lakh peoples since 1978. PURVANCHAL in Uttar Pradesh-the rice belt was badly affected with JE for the past 29 years but things have not much changed till now. The JE came to Uttar Pradesh in 1978 and from 1978 to 2006 in 29 years the state has seen 18 chief ministers and 8 Governors and almost all the political parties have ruled, but, so far JE disabled is concerned, the crisis is still the same. In the affected area, even the basic infrastructure has not been built-up and the health services are not up to the marks.

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[2008 - ] Collaborative Activity: Genetically Modified Crops – Center For Contemporary Studies & Research, Lucknow and APPL

Problem Scenario

Public awareness in India about genetically modified seed and crops, in general, is poor. There is no labelling  in stores on genetically engineered food materials. Consumers are, therefore, totally in the dark on what they are eating and what are  their effects on health.


The Bt Brinjal, like many other Genetically Modified (GM) crops has been now shown by independent analysis to impact health adversely. In other studies too, when GM food was tested on rats, the results were alarming. Evidence linked GM food with stunted growth, impaired immune systems, potentially precancerous cell growth in the intestines, liver/pancreas/intestinal damage and even inter-generational effects. Latest studies have confirmed that GM foods affect fertility.


Ever since GMOs were first introduced in the mid-1990s, farmers’ groups and NGOs have warned that they would not only contaminate other crops, but have adverse impact on Environment, Bio-diversity , country’s Food-sovereignty, social and economic structure in farming community. As produce of   GM crops cannot be used as seed for next crop, farmers shall always be at mercy of MNC seed companies for their future needs. In the absence of a national facility, presently seed companies either do the tests themselves or get them done in laboratories in-equipped to know if a seed was normal or genetically modified?.

When GM crops are planted they contaminate other crops with transgenic material. In places where GM crops are grown on a large scale, it has already become almost impossible to find crops of the same species that are free of GM material. And the contamination spreads even to areas where GM crops are not officially permitted. This has happened, just as predicted. Contamination will reach a new level of toxicity, and occur not only within organisms of the same species but also between species as different from each other as plants and bacteria, or plants and fungi.


In Mexico , GM  based maize  has now  Contaminated  the indigenous maize variety, which is sick and needs to be cured, but not killed. It may take a year or 100 years to cure it, but it has to be done, because the indigenous maize has been with their communities for generations. In Argentina, in GM based Soya farming the intense application year after year of a single herbicide – glyphosate – has led to the emergence of  a new class of weeds that have become resistant to this chemical. Apart from these, it has badly affected the overall fertility of the soil. 

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[2011] Corruption in India and APPL

Problem Scenario

Transparency International (TI), a global organization engaged in fights against corruption, and having several studies highlighting the damaging effects of corruption on over all development in various countries world-wide has posted India at serial No.87, indicating very high level of corruption prevailing in India. It is not different from our every day life-experience in almost every walk of life, be it getting issued ration-card, birth/death certificates from local municipality, getting old-age pension, retirement benefits (like PF, Gratuity, pension fixation), getting normal water/power/sewage connections, car/bike registration, driving license-issuance; for rural folks getting copies of land/crop records from Patwari (Lekhpal), BPL (below the poverty line) cards, SC/ST/OBC caste certificates from the local administration, getting a property transferred/registered in the local sub-registrar office, for city dwellers any job from a land owing Government Authority (like DDA,LDA, Noida/ Greater Noida authority etc ),may be even depositing/with-drawing your own money, land allotment for bigger projects, getting construction plans approved, completion/occupation certificates issued etc, leave aside bigger corporate issues of getting permissions/clearances to start a business, environmental /pollution clearances, big tag tender finalization, global procurement of defense-equipments, procurement/lease of aero-planes, naval vessels  etc. etc. Law- makers have been reported to demand and receive money for even their normal duties like asking regular questions/ voting in favor of ruling parties, inside the legislative houses. It seems nothing  is left, nothing is spared.


Even the most sacrosanct Judiciary has been accused of various wrong doings. Be it the case of senior Supreme court judge Mr. Ramaswami, who had just saved his impeachment by resigning during his parliament hearings, Justice Sen of Calcutta (Kolkatta) High court was under scanner and he also resigned to get away from the further embarrassment, when his impeachment process was currently on, CBI is pursuing the case of ex-Punjab & Haryana High court Justice Nirmal Yadav in famous cash at door case, many Supreme court/High court/District court judges are fighting to save their skin in the famous Ghaziabad court Provident Fund scandals. These are tips of the ice burgs. Some journalists have fictitiously procured the non-bail-able warrants of our respected ex-president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from Ahmedabad court some years back, while he was still in position to show what can be done in courts and how much corruption has seeped in our judicial processes?




APPL, as a leading reputed charitable organization has its own experience in our day-to-day activities. Many times we were put to test to our faith, value system, patience, honesty & integrity and sense of belongingness for the cause. In April 2006,during registration of the APPL trust, we did not pay to any body, be it any government officials, consultants, brokers etc, besides for the due payments for the services of the attending advocate. Similarly during our case in the Income tax department for grant of concessions under 80(G), we patiently waited for more than 5 year, applied and re-applied with all required details/documents and relentlessly pursued our case and finally got issued the required approval from the Income-tax department. Our experience says if one is able to put his/her case strongly, do one’s home-work meticulously, submit all required documents, pursue the case repetitively with full faith & honesty, there are very good chances one would be saved of the situation where corruption could play a decisive role. When the whole country was in the grip of Anna –wave, APPL also visited the Ramlila ground, a couple of times even in the bad weathers, to participate and support for the Anna Hazare’ s anti-corruption cause. Some of the photographs on the occasion are given here. APPL officials participated in the rally’s organized, both in the mornings and evenings in the local area (Sector-62, Noida), during the period of the crusade by Sri Anna Hazare.



[2008] Collaborative Activity: Medical Camp For Health Check-up of Riksha Puller’s--- APPL  and Awadh Diagnostic Centre, Gorakhpur

Problem Scenario

Health-care and awareness among Riksha- Pullers, as common to any unprivileged section of the society, is poor. Riksha-Pullers, as a group, are generally self-employed people with background of from poor families, illiterate, low income, mal-nutrition, hard & long but not defined working hours, exploited lot, with low awareness about importance of cleanliness and absence of regular health care. Public awareness about health-status of   this group is also poor.



·       Given the need to spread awareness about regular health check-up and health-care in Riksha pullers a health camp,in collaboration with Awadh Diagnostic Centre ,Gorakhput was organized  by APPL at Bitchhia Camp Jungle Tulsi Ram, Gorakhpur ,U.P. on November 23,2008. About 110 riksha pullers participated in the program. Apart from  health screening for some major diseases, and general Eye and Dental checkups, importance of cleanliness, which is a key precaution for many diseases, the importance of healthy and nutritious food was also explained .Awadh Diagnostic Centre offered  to organize to bear for expenses for free  X-Ray, Ultra-sound, other clinical tests. See report and photographs of the event here. Local media has widely covered this event.

·       Out of the 110 people screened, it was found that   majority of the Riksha Pullers are suffering from mal-nutrition, low blood pressure, liver and respiratory problems. About 15% were found so called   healthy, without any major diseases, whereas 12% were   found suffering from Tuberculosis, and one person was found suffering from leprosy.

·       The medical camp was inaugurated by Dr. A. K Srivastava, Executive Trustee of APPL trust.  Dr. Alok Sinha of Sahara Welfare Foundation, Dr. Naresh  Shukla, Dr.Rahul Thakur, Dr.A.K.Pandey, Dr.Thakur Bharat etc participated and given their free services for the medical check-up. Dr.Sanjay Srivastava, Trustee APPL and Coordinator of the project said that the  riksha pullers as a group of unprivileged section of the society draw no attention from the concerned authorities, wherein they are engaged in carrying out people throughout day  and night 24x7x365,in extreme  odds of  summer, winter, and rainy seasons. APPL offered to organize such medical-camps regularly in future for such unprivileged people.

[2007-2008] Collaborative Activity: Volunteers from IBM India Research Lab (IRL) and APPL

Problem Scenario

Imparting practical education to poor kids of laborers. Just like everywhere in India, near the new IBM Research location in New Delhi, India, one can find numerous children not going to school and living in filthy environment. Volunteers from IRL had started an amazing grass-root endeavor to educate some of these children since early 2007. APPL joined hands and helped organize running the classes on regular basis (about 50 children are enrolled and on any typical day 25-30 children attend the class), take the children to picnic, organize a health camp for these children in Aug 2007 and distribution of woolens in November 2007.



·       A report on the health clinic. Some photographs of health camp are below.

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·       Some photographs of the woolen distribution are below.





[2007] Collaborative Activity: Educational & Professional Organizations and APPL


Problem Scenario

Public awareness about cleanliness and treatment of Encephalitis. 



·       Given the need to spread awareness about cleanliness which is a key precaution for Encephalitis, APPL and the students from Institute of Technology and Management (ITM), Gorakhpur organized an awareness camp at village Badgahan, Dist. Gorakhpur on 7th October 2007. See report and photographs of the event here.

·       APPL organized a workshop in July 2007 in collaboration with U.P. state-level medical practioners of alternative medicine (Ayurveda and Homopaethic) about the prevention and cure of Japanese Encephalitis. See some news coverage of the event here.






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