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Here are copies of bulletins issued by APPL on Japanese Encephalitis.

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Thu 7/03/08 10:35 AM


GORAKHPUR The medical college administration and the doctors are shocked by the decision of the transfer of the j.e specialist doctors who were attached to the medical college on deputation.Eight out of thirteen doctors on deputation were transferred after the court ordered the same. The doctors were attached with the v.e. programme and were considered to be the specialists.This would certainly increase the pressure in the coming days as the j.e patients will start  reaching from different parts of the state,Bihar and Nepal. Earlier 23 PMS doctors were attached to the medical college when the Je epidemic was at its peak and the recognition of the medical college was  about to be cancelled .The court then ordered that the J.E. specialist doctors  near to retirement should be given an extention to their services .A lso the doctors and the specialists attached to the V.E. Programme should not be transferred.

The sources say that five out of the eight transferred were send to their previous places whereas three have been ordered to be attached with different hospitals as J.E.specialists.On the other hand 38 posts of doctors are lying vacant and the services will be more effected after the transfer of the doctors.

The official sources say that the no. of J.E. patients admitted at the medical college from the 1 st of July  till date is 250 out of which 65 have died while being treated.About one or two patents are being admitted daily for the past two weeks. The numbers are expected to rise in the coming days.

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  1. I think Sir… the govt. has put a deaf ear to the problems of the society.

    You are doing a great job.

    Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Delhi.

  2. The problem of JE is more than 30 years old. About more than one lakh people got affected and more than 10,000 have alredy died in this period.The main problem is insensitivity of the people ,at large,at the helm of the affairs.In Delhi in the 2010-season of Dengu (till end of september 2010)about plus 3300 people were affected and half of a dozen died. In the backward area of purvanchal in U.P. (consisting of eastern districts of Gorakhpur,Deoria,Kushi nagar,Mahraj ganj,Basti,Sant Kabir Nagaer,Siddhartha Nagar etc)about more than 1500 people have been reported to be affected with Japanese Encephalitis(JE),Acute Encephalitis Syndrome(AES)and more than 350 died in the current year. Mostly poor ,un-educated,mal-nurished and unprivileged people are the victims,consisting of mainly SC,ST, OBC section of the society. They do not have a voice either at the state or federal level.They are treated as if they are not the citizens of India, having no Human Rights of life. Local and National media some times run special mention of the issue.Govt seems to get awakened occasionally from their deep slumber and send some immunisation vaccine shots, sourced from China(It is reported the 2010’s lot had more than 70% with alredy expired date).Some people are trying to fight lone battles to contain the problem.

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