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Brief Summary

Action for Peace, Prosperity and Liberty (APPL) is a privately funded, not-for-profit public charitable trust set up in April 2006 to undertake developmental activities starting with in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and then expanding to other states of India. Our India registration details are here.

Our first major effort was a study on Disability and Rehabilitation of the victims of Japanese Encephalitis in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The report has been insightful and has had major impact on how decision makers look at the problem. The effort was highlighted by the Indian national and UP local media. There is much to do and we are in the fore-front with like-minded serious organizations following up on recommendations to address this scourge.

We have also been contributing in education, public health and small-acts-of-goodwill. You are invited to explore our activities, mission, people involved, get yourself involved and give comments on our blogs.




“Because all journeys start with the first step. And not doing anything is approving the status-quo.”™